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Lake Weiss

Centre, Alabama  -  April 2007

All the gang made it to Alabama this year. Carl Scruggs rejoined the group and Don Gentry came back for a second year, proving he is definitely a glutton for punishment. The rest were Dean Moser, Kyle Evans, Glenn Parsons, Harold Green and Jeff Thomas. No fish attended.

Just a few photos since the fish opted out of the affair.

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mfr_2007_1.jpg Our digs -- The Alabama Belle. Impressive looking.
mfr_2007_2.jpg Dean Moser and Kyle Evans.

Left to right: Harold Green, Glenn Parsons, Kyle Evans, Jeff Thomas and Carl Scruggs

mfr_2007_4.jpg That's Don Gentry in the red shirt.
mfr_2007_5.jpg The obligatory scenic photo to distract you from the fact there are no pictures of fish...