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Lake Oconee

Buckhead, GA  -  April 2009

Well, it was a quiet week at Lake Oconee this year. The rain came early and muddied up the lake to the color of chocolate syrup. The fish couldn't see a 100 watt light bulb in the stuff. The attendees were Kyle Evans, Harold Green, Don Gentry, Glenn Parsons and Jeff Thomas. As usual, the fish took a bye. Its a good thing that the group's culinary repertoire included steak, chicken and pot roast and Harold brought plenty of Kentucky bergu.

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gang.jpg Left to right: Kyle, Jerry, Don, Harold, Jeff and Glenn. Jerry was one of the guys at the hunting camp which we used as a base for our food operations.
boat.jpg Glenn and Harold in Harold's boat, the SS Grinch.

Kyle and Don at the cabin discussing strategy