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Lake Lida

Pelican Rapids, Minnesota

August 26 - September 1, 2006

Seven made it this year after several last minute cancellations. We never got around to taking a group photo, but everyone is represented here.

The weather was good again this year, and the fishing was very good with lots of fish caught. We went into the catch and release mode on the second day as we already had enough for the fish fry. Gary Clark won the big fish pot with a 3 pound smallmouth.

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tom_jim.jpg Tom Huml and Jim Mendenhall enjoying Jim Merrick's lasagna supper the first night.
golf_1.jpg Rob Hillman, Tom Huml and Gary Clark at the local links.
sunrise_1.jpg Some sunrise views of Lake Lida by Ron Sidener who was the only person up that early.
jim_boat.jpg Jim Merrick at the helm.

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