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Lake Lida

Pelican Rapids, Minnesota

August 25 - 31, 2007


This year was the tenth anniversary of the Lake Lida excursion and eight attended, including Larry Self, a friend of Lee Koepping. Larry was good sport and tolerated all the OIG talk with aplomb. He also managed to walk off with most of our change from the gaming table.

The weather was good again this year, and the fishing was very good with lots of fish caught. (Sounds like just about every other year!) Ron Sidener had the honor of landing the biggest fish of the week, a 5.5 pound northern.

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group_1.jpg Front (L-R): Lee Koepping, Jim Merrick, Ron Sidener, Jim Mendenhall
Rear(L-R): Larry Self, Jeff Thomas, Gary Clark, Jim Lee
bypass_buddies.jpg Bypass Buddies Lee Koepping and Ron Sidener
workin_the_weeds.jpg Larry and Lee working the weeds just after sunrise
merrick.jpg Capt. Jim Merrick at the helm
merrick_and_friend_1.jpg Jim with a bass. Hey, they're all fun to catch!
jim_and_friend.jpg Jim Mendenhall with...
larry_and_friend.jpg Larry Self with a northern
koepping_and_friend_2.jpg Lee Koepping with a nice bass
sunrise_1.jpg The view is enough to make you want to get up that early.

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