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Lake Lida

Pelican Rapids, Minnesota

August 23 - 29, 2008

There was a light turnout this year at Lake Lida. Five intrepid souls turned up: Lee Koepping's buddy, Larry Self, came back for a second year, joined by Lee, Jim Lee, Gary Clark and Jim Mendenhall. All were amply rewarded as the fishing continued to be very good -- reportedly the best ever.

Jim Lee caught the biggest fish, a 6.5 pounder, but was disqualified as it was a mudfish (aka bowfin, grinnel, etc. depending on where you are from). Jim Mendenhall took the prize with a 5.5 pound Northern.

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pr2008_1.jpg Lee Koepping and friend
pr2008_2.jpg Larry Self
pr2008_3.jpg Lee Koepping and Jim Lee. Nice hats...
pr2008_4.jpg Jim Lee and a Walleye. To bad it was in the slot and had to be thrown back.
pr2008_5.jpg The gang. (L to R) Jim Lee, Jim Mendenhall, Larry Self, Gary Clark and Lee Koepping.
pr2008_6.jpg Gary Clark and Jim Mendenhall braving the waves.
pr2008_7.jpg Jim Lee with his mudfish. They call them bowfin or dogfish in Minnesota.
pr2008_8.jpg After a hard day on the lake
pr2008_9.jpg Gary Clark. Some things never change.
pr2008_10.jpg And the winner is....