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Lake Lida

Pelican Rapids, Minnesota

August 29 - September 5, 2009

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Well, it was a quiet week at Lake Lida this year. Nothing to complain about. Good weather, good fishing, good food, cold beer. Even the company was congenial. The merry crewe consisted of Gary Clark, Ron Sidener, Larry Self, Jim Mendenhall, Jim Lee, Lee Koepping and Jeff Thomas.

The fishing was slightly different this year in that smallmouth bass abounded in the 2 to 4 pound range. This made for not only good fishing but also good eating. Jim Mendenhall took the big fish pot (again) with a 4 pound Northern, so Gary was happy with that addition to our fish dinner on Tuesday night.

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Lake_Lida_2009_014.jpg The 2009 Gang - (Back L-R) Jim Mendenhall, Jim Lee, Ron Sinender, Jeff Thomas, Gary Clark, (Front L-R) Lee Koepping and Larry Self.
Lake_Lida_2009_018.jpg Larry Self with a nice one
DSC00697.jpg Lee Koepping and Gary Clark
IMG_2062.jpg Lee Koepping at the grill
IMG_2056.jpg Jim Mendenhall and Ron Sidener
IMG_2061.jpg Larry Self with a Northern
IMG_2092.jpg Getting ready...
IMG_2084.jpg Dawn Patrol
IMG_2110.jpg Gary Clark, Ron Sidener and friends.
IMG_2112.jpg The scale reads 3.6 pounds