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Lake Lida

Pelican Rapids, Minnesota

August 28 - September 3, 2010

It was the Year of the Wind at Lake Lida in 2010. Two or three days were spent sitting on the bank watching the wind whip up the lake. We only got a couple of nice days fishing in, but they were productive. Gary Clark, Jim Lee, Lee Koepping and Jeff Thomas were the folks present and everyone caught plenty of fish.

The big fish pot was an active endeavor this year as the lead changed hands several time. Gary Clark wound up the eventual winner with his 7 pound Northern. Ironically, Jeff Thomas, the then current leader with a 3.5 pound smallmouth, was the one who netted the fish for Gary.

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pr_2010_8.jpg The 2010 Bunch - (L-R) Gary Clark, Lee Koepping, Jim Lee, Jeff Thomas.
pr_2010_1.jpg Windy - An all too familar view of the dock.
pr_2010_2.jpg Chef Koepping and the steaks
pr_2010_4.jpg Gary Clark - some things never change
pr_2010_5.jpg Bemused Jim and Jeff
pr_2010_7.jpg Jim Lee and his prey
pr_2010_6.jpg Lee Koepping and his 3 pounder
pr_2010_3.jpg The winner: Gary Clark