Retiree Photos

Lake Lida 2001

Pelicans Rapids, Minnesota
September, 2001

Seven guys showed up for this year's trip which began September 8. More were planning on coming during the week, but the events of September 11 drastically changed everyone's plans and priorities.

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Gary and Rob (The "Minnesota Butcher") comparing their respective skills with the fillet knife. The fish started out the same size. Rob won the 2000 Big Fish Pot (based on pre-fillet weight).
Jim contemplating a repeat of his famous "bungee launch" procedure for his boat. You have to see it to believe it!
Jim and Lee. Note the bungee cord. There's also one at the stern. It's customary to unhook both before leaving.
One of Solinger's cabins and our 2001 Pelican Rapids headquarters. This was an old boathouse that Jon Solinger's grandfather slid across the ice from the other side of the lake back in the 1950's. He converted it into a spacious, "homey" cabin.
The cabin's homey interior - complete with "Homies."
Lee, our pro fisherman and winner of the 2001 Big Fish Pot, with one of Jon's 6 hp Evinrudes. They get you out and back and Jon doesn't have to worry about us drag racing up and down the lake.
Gary and Ron with their harvest. Look closely at the small things on the end of the stringer. Those are really fish. Trust me.
Rob and Gary. As you can tell by the size of the fish, this is a different day than the above picture.
A closer look at the fish. See, Gary is wearing a different shirt.
Not to be outdone, Ron likes to stay in the thick of the competition.
Evening strategy session. L to R: Rob, Jeff, Greg, Gary, Jim.
A shot from the other end of the table. L to R: Greg, Gary, Jim, Rob, Jeff.