Retiree Photos

Lake Lida 2011

Pelican Rapids, Minnesota
August 27 - September 2, 2011

This year the weather was great at Lake Lida. The wind was cooperative and we lost only one afternoon to rain. Everyone caught fish, mostly in the 2 pound range. Larry Self walked away with the big fish $$ with his 4 lb. 6 oz. largemouth bass.

This year's attendees were Gary Clark, Jim Lee, Lee Koepping, Jim Mendenhall, Kirk Lett, Larry Self and Jeff Thomas. Paul Ward, now U.S. Marshal for North Dakota, stopped by one adfternoon for a visit. Paul was the guy who originally got this venture started at Solinger's Resort back in 1998.

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The 2011 Crewe - (Back L-R) Jim Lee, Gary Clark, Jim Mendenhall, Larry Self, Jeff Thomas.
(Front L-R) Kirk Lett and Lee Koepping.
Lee Koepping and an early contender for the prize.
Jim Mendenhall and a hammer handle.
Stratagy discussion
Larry Self knowing he has the big fish pot sewed up.
Jeff contemplating the deeper meaning of life.
and the winner is...
Inside the Bobolink cabin.
Not quite the Starship Enterprise, but it is Cap'n Kirk at the helm.
Jim Mendenhall with a common size bass caught this year.
The local hamgburger joint near Solinger's. Great hamburgers and lots of vitamin G.