Retiree Photos

Mudfish Rodeo 2003

Lake Walter F. George
Eufaula, Alabama
April 2003

We tried our luck at Eufaula, Alabama again, without any improvement over last year. We're beginning to suspect that it might not be the lake's fault. We had plenty of beer and grub, so we really didn't pay much attention to the fishing situation. Bob Elliott even made a cameo appearance Thursday.

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The group (L to R) - Harold, Kyle, Dean, Glenn, Jeff.
With Bob Elliott who joined us Thursday
Harold and Kyle in deep, philosophical discussion over the finer points of either deer hunting or fishing.
Kyle, Glenn and Dean. Dean's just happy to have survived getting into the boat with the assistance of Larry, Curly and Moe (Jeff, now behind the camera)!
aaannnnd, they're off!
3 largemouth. This proves that if you hold a fish close enough to the camera...
Jeff, with the same fish Harold is holding on the left above
Kyle and Dean