Retiree Photos

Mudfish Rodeo 2004

Lake Hartwell
Toccoa, Georgia
May 2004

Five hardy souls showed up this year at Chateau Parsons on Lake Hartwell near Toccoa, Georgia. Glenn, either very brave or very foolish, invited the group to his place in the woods for this year's excursion. The accomodations were very nice and there was plenty of room for both us and our beer. There are not many photos for some reason, but there wasn't much beer left either. Probably there is a direct correlation between the dearth of photos and our lack of piscatorial prowess. I guess that's why they call it "fishing" and not "catching."

The photos aren't exciting and don't do much except prove that we were all alive, vertical and still able to drive that far.

(Click on the small photo to enlarge)

Chateau Parsons. Glenn's house in the woods. Our headquarters this year and very nice accomodations.
Left to Right: Harold, Kyle, Glenn and Dean. (Jeff's behind the camera). Full of optimism and plotting fishing strategy.
Jeff getting all kinds of advice. We managed to find a pine stump hidden in the weeds on the curve of a dirt road on the way to the launch ramp. The stump survived intact, which is more than we can say for the trailer tire and rim.
Exuding confidence after dealing with the broken wheel and tire, 2 of the 3 stooges tackle the trailer wiring. Harold is there to tell us what we're doing wrong.
Dean, as always, ran his kitchen like a drill sergeant. Also, as always, there were no complaints about the grub. Not with that many knives at hand.
At the end of the week we were well fed, mostly fishless, but no worse for the wear. The beer eased the pain of our lack of good fortune in the fishing venue.
This is a contest of sorts... Try to identify the tree. A clue is that Glenn uses it to "grow" his own Crappie bait.