Retiree Photos

Mudfish Rodeo 2005

Lake Walter F. George
Eufaula, Alabama
March 2005

Almost all the usual gang made it to Eufaula, Alabama, this year. Harold Green (Grinch) was absent, but his (and Glenn Parsons') hunting buddy Don Gentry came in his stead. Don fit right in as he is as full of it as the rest of us. The trip was earlier than usual this year, hoping for a change-up in our fishing experience. Translation: maybe we could actually catch something worthwhile. Nope.

Glenn was the official photographer and is the person we will blame for scaring all the fish away. Well, maybe Don helped... At any rate, fish and photos were scarce, but cold and rain were plentiful.

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Don's rig in front of one of our two cabins at the Lakeshore resort.
Dean surveying his domain.
Jeff and Kyle doing what we do every year: work on Kyle's boat. Those are Don Gentry's legs. Can't tell if he is marvelling at our electrical and mechanical expertise or just shaking his head.
These guys caught all the fish.
Note the grey sky and the jackets. It was not an idyllic setting.
Kyle, the optimist.
Dean and Jeff. Can't tell if they are smiling or just clinching their teeth.
Glenn, with the catch of the day.
No, your eyes aren't going bad. The lure is on the left. The fish is on the right.
One of the locals.
Left to right: Don, Dean, Kyle and Jeff. Dean took all our money, as usual...