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July 22, 2019

I have not researched the income tax software compatibility with the "Public Safety Officer" (PSO) deduction on IRS tax forms in a few years. Prior to 2015 (the last year I did this) H&R Block's Tax Cut software did not provide for e-filing tax returns claiming the PSO deduction. Tax Cut required you to manually edit your tax form to handle the PSO deduction which prevented it from being acceptable for electronic filing. If you are thinking of using the Tax Cut brand software, you should double check to see if if this still is the case.

Inuit's Turbo Tax software allows claiming the PSO deduction and electronic filing. Turbo Tax has been compatible with the PSO deduction since it was first allowable (2007 tax year). You are asked during the program's data entry questionnaire if you are a retired Public Safety Officer.

If you are claiming the PSO deduction and are itemizing your deductions, you should double check your return to be sure your PSO claimed insurance premiums are not claimed again under your medical expense deductions.