Old Timers Photo Gallery

Yes, once we all were young(er)!

Here are some old OIG photographs sent in by folks who generally prefer to remain anonymous.   You'll see some people you've forgotten about, some you probably wish you could forget, others that look a whole lot younger, and some you just do not know.  The names are included, to the best of our ability, to help with your trip down Amnesia Lane. 

If you have any OIG photographs you would like to share, send a message using the contact link above and I will get in touch with you with the details.

open OIG National Orientation, Breech Academy, Kansas City, 1973
open A collection of old photos from the Great Plains Region circa 1975-1977.
open EEO Investigations Training, Breech Academy, Kansas City, March 1976
open National Intelligence Academy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, about 1978. This is the latest memory test. The hint is that Glenn Parsons sent this one in and is in the photo.
open Tactical Intelligence Training Seminar held in Alexandria, VA , July 1978. Also known as "TITS training." Everyone is ID'd now thanks to Jim Mendenhall, Ed Kurakazu and yours truly.
open Office of Investigation, USDA, Region VII, San Fransisco, circa 1977
open SWR Special Agents Tirso Cuellar (left) and Carlos Rodriguez (right) in Mexico City, 1979
open An awards ceremony in Headquarters, about 1976. Delores Jeffries, Wayne Hanson, Otto Collins, Tom Burke, Gordon Brown, Floyd Cotton, Dick Allen, Jan Gaskins, Brian Heintzelman
open Ron Reese, RIG (left) and Richard K. Jones, ARIG (right), SER, Atlanta, September 1975