Retiree Photos

Lake Lida 2000

Pelicans Rapids, Minnesota
September, 2000

Nine or ten guys came this year, however there weren't too many pictures for one reason or another. Most everyone (except Rob) caught fish every time they left the dock.  Rob did win the big fish pot though - he went for quality rather than quantity.

(Click on the small photo to enlarge)

Rob, Jeff and Jim (driving) heading out about 7:00 on an absolutely beautiful morning.  Well, at least they were trying to leave...
The infamous "bungee launch." Jim will never live it down.  The motor was not strong enough to either break the bungee cord or pull out the piling.  It took a minute for Capt. Jim to realize they weren't going anywhere.
Rob and Lee (at the helm) headed out for the big ones.
Yes, Virginia, there are fish in Lake Lida.
Horseshoes.  Greg (pitching) and Gary. Hey, you can't fish all the time!
Ron (pitching) and Gary.  Jon Solinger didn't like us tearing up his grass, so we changed the venue to the beach.
Another fast-paced action shot.  L-R: Jim, Lee, Rob, Jeff (pitching).
Left to right: Jeff, Gary, Greg, Lee. Discussing matters of state, i.e., Greg's full house does beat Gary's flush.
You always have to have a sunrise picture. Like the commercial says: "Guys, it just doesn't get any better than this!" This should be the OIG retirement poster.