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Getting Your OIG-I Retiree Credentials

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Getting Your OIG-I Retiree Credentials
October 21.2014

OIG's instruction letter (below) to retirees regarding reissuing a Law Enforcement Officer Identification Card now has a change. The email contact mentioned in the letter is no longer with OIG. The new point of contact is Andrew Beverly at

July 23, 2014

OIG issued an instruction letter to retirees currently issued a Law Enforcement Officer Identification Card under The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, 18 U.S.C. 926C. Current ID cards will be replaced to comply with changes to the original law. Click here to view this letter in .pdf format.

November 7, 2005

OIG Bulletin M-05-3-3950, dated August 23, 2005, was issued regarding Special Agent retiree credentials under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004. See the topic regarding OIG's implementation for the actual procedures.

Remember, although OIG-USDA has issued a policy for issuing retiree credentials, the agency will not contact retirees about this. It is up to the retirees to initiate any and all actions to obtain the credentials and to follow up on their application.

Unless you live in the DC area, everything regarding the application has to be done by mail - both ways. An indication of headquarters' attitude concerning this process might be determined from the fact that nowhere on the application is there any provision for the retiree's mailing address. Be sure and send a cover letter with all forms.

There have already been reports of application related correspondence disappearing into the headquarters abyss. Of course, it is always blamed on the mail room. If you have not received a response to your inquiry/application within a reasonable time, follow up on it.

December 21, 2005

From John Henry Moore:

  • Well gang I have been working hard trying to see how this new Retired LEO credential system works. I send a request to H.Q. and received the application by return mail. Having done business with H.Q in the past I returned the application and required ID photo's by FEDEX and made them sign for it.

    Guess what H.Q. still lost the photo's and I had to send them the photo's again by Email in the form of a JPEG. So make sure you keep alot of extra ID (passport size)photo's or copies of the JPEG.

    Well today I received the ID card by regular U.S. mail. H.Q. asked me to sign the cred's and send them back to H.Q. so they can be signed by the apprpriate Department official.

    As a FYI I noticed that the OIG issue number on my cred's was (14) so 13 others have applied and received Cred's. Anyway I will advise you folks when the final OIG approved credential set arrives.